The knowledge and capabilities of the staff that Fowlkes, Norman & Associates has assembled over the years go beyond education and training to encompass artistry, innovation, and passion for their tasks. Any of our staff may be reached by calling the office at 817-249-8084 or complete the form on this page.

Mark Fowlkes

General Manager:
Heath Hayes, Certified Arborist

Design and Planning:
Angelynn Harvey, ASLA, Senior Designer, Landscape Planning

Arianna Rojo, ASLA, Designer, Landscape Planning

A. Cameron Holmes, ASLA, Designer, Landscape Planning 

Amanda Brown, Designer, Garden Enhancements

Michael West, Designer, Estimating & Plant Acquisitions

Maintenance, Tree Care, and Plant Health Care:

Glen Davis, Maintenance Manager

Brett Chapman, Landscape Consultant

Landscape Construction and Irrigation/Drainage:
Steve Hart, Department Manager, Landscape Operations
LI#0020022, BP#0012638

Coleman Culbertson, Irrigation Manager, Installation and Repair
LI#5444, BP#0011973

Nathan Wilmot, Project Manager

Melissa Collins, Client Service & Operations Manager

Fleet Operations:
Roger Johnston, Manager

Office Staff:

Phonet Mounivong, Accounting/Human Resources